Read Our GDPR eBook To Learn Why the New Regulations Are So Important to Your Business

Why time has run out for businesses that choose to ignore GDPR

The brand new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) came into force on 25th of May 2018 and they are likely to affect anyGDPR eBook business that holds personal data (information) on an EU citizen. That could mean anything from a name and phone number scribbled into a one-man businesses desk diary to a digitally stored personal profile; they all constitute “personal data”.

This is why understanding the exact implications of the GDPR are so important to all types of businesses, even those situated outside of the EU that deal with other business and/or customers in Europe.

An eBook that explains GDPR in simple language

Like all of our business eBooks, the GDPR guide has been written in a simple jargon-free language to ensure that it can be understood by virtually anyone who reads it. Using a simple format and easy to read layout, the book “walks” readers through the different aspects of the regulations. These range from who the new rules are designed to benefit and which areas of a business need to take responsibility of data to best practice and how to ensure your operation doesn’t fall foul of the severe financial penalty system.

Explaining what the new regulations mean for business owners

Our GDPR eBook explains what the new regulations mean to business owners, how they affect them, and the costly consequences of failing to comply. The very severe financial penalties that can be levied against errant businesses also apply to situations where personal data is “breached” or passed on to another party.

Why every business owner should read our GDPR eBook

Even businesses that already have knowledge of the GDPR should download our eBook and keep it as a useful point of reference for ensuring that their operations continue to be compliant. Managers and owners can learn what data breaches mean, who data subjects are, and why data controllers and users are so important.

The importance of reading the GDPR eBook now

Many smaller businesses still think that the GDPR doesn’t apply to them because they are not a large corporation or they don’t use digital marketing methods such as email. The fact is, that nothing could be further from the truth because as we pointed out earlier in this article, “any” information you hold about an individual is classed as data.


Find out about your responsibilities concerning personal information

Our GDPR eBook goes into the details concerning how such data can be collected, stored, and used. It also explains who is allowed to access the personal information that your business holds and covers the increased rights of access that individuals now have concerning the details that your business holds about them.

The benefits of using our GDPR and other business eBooks

Unlike convention hard and paperback business books, our GDPR eBook won’t be collecting dust on the bookshelf in your office or study. Thanks to its digital format, you can download it directly to your computers desktop or the home screen of any mobile device ready for reference whenever you need it. Digital books are also secure and easily transfer to your other devices so you can access the GDPR eBook any time and in any location from your phone, tablet, or eReader.

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