Learn Some Interesting facts from our Famous People eBook Series

No one would argue that there are many famous people who have shaped the world in which we live and our fascinating Famous People eBooks series contains some amazing details concerning such people. From political figures such as Barack Obama to an activist like Martin Luther King, our famous people eBook series reveals their career achievements, Princess Diana eBookinteresting facts about them, and details about their early lives.

A genuine fascination

For many people, the fascination with celebrities is much more than a curiosity about “how the other half lives” because such readers appreciate that we can learn so much from their lives and the values they cherish. Our celebrity books take the reader deeper into the lives of the subject while keeping the language easy to understand and jargon-free.

Easy to read and understand books

Barack Obama eBookThough many of the achievements of these famous people centred on complex issues and difficulties, our famous people eBook series is presented in plain and easy to understand language. From the neat format and style of the text to the plain wording, we have created a series of new celebrity books that appeal to all ages and reading abilities even where English isn’t the first language.

New celebrity Books about scientist and movie makers

Our best celebrity books cover a diverse range of famous people from scientist such Steven Hawkings eBookas Stephen Hawking to the world’s most prolific movie director Stephen Spielberg. Readers can discover how notable characters have overcome obstacles and personal adversity to make a real difference to Steven Spielberg eBookthe world. From great artistic achievements to pushing out the boundaries of human knowledge, our famous people eBook series helps you to discover how much these individuals have given.

Read about famous people both past and present

J.K Rowling eBookOur fascinating collection contains a varied and interesting selection of celebrity books to read about famous figures from both the present day and history. Readers are able to discover how the famous author J K Rowling rose from the depths of depression and a reliance on state hand-outs to become one of the most prolific children’s writers of our time. From charity work and early life battles to their current successes, readers of our famous people books will gain a fascinating insight into the life of these outstanding achievers.

Living life for the benefit of others

While some of the individuals outlined in our famous People eBoook series have made successful lives for themselves, they have Martin Luther King eBookall given something back to society and some have even made the ultimate sacrifice.

Readers of these interesting and highly informative books are able to get inside the lives and work of the individual to discover what motivated them to pursue their chosen life paths. Often, despite being presented with difficult circumstances and resistance, even from some of those they have sought to help, such individuals have attained the highest levels of success in their chosen field.

Celebrity books for readers of all ages

Amy Winehouse eBookAs with all of our Easy eBooks, the famous people series has been created in a format that makes them suitable for readers of any age from young children to curious adults. These books are ideal for learning both the subject matter and the English language and that makes them far more versatile than other mainstream books.

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Read Our GDPR eBook To Learn Why the New Regulations Are So Important to Your Business

Why time has run out for businesses that choose to ignore GDPR

The brand new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) came into force on 25th of May 2018 and they are likely to affect anyGDPR eBook business that holds personal data (information) on an EU citizen. That could mean anything from a name and phone number scribbled into a one-man businesses desk diary to a digitally stored personal profile; they all constitute “personal data”.

This is why understanding the exact implications of the GDPR are so important to all types of businesses, even those situated outside of the EU that deal with other business and/or customers in Europe.

An eBook that explains GDPR in simple language

Like all of our business eBooks, the GDPR guide has been written in a simple jargon-free language to ensure that it can be understood by virtually anyone who reads it. Using a simple format and easy to read layout, the book “walks” readers through the different aspects of the regulations. These range from who the new rules are designed to benefit and which areas of a business need to take responsibility of data to best practice and how to ensure your operation doesn’t fall foul of the severe financial penalty system.

Explaining what the new regulations mean for business owners

Our GDPR eBook explains what the new regulations mean to business owners, how they affect them, and the costly consequences of failing to comply. The very severe financial penalties that can be levied against errant businesses also apply to situations where personal data is “breached” or passed on to another party.

Why every business owner should read our GDPR eBook

Even businesses that already have knowledge of the GDPR should download our eBook and keep it as a useful point of reference for ensuring that their operations continue to be compliant. Managers and owners can learn what data breaches mean, who data subjects are, and why data controllers and users are so important.

The importance of reading the GDPR eBook now

Many smaller businesses still think that the GDPR doesn’t apply to them because they are not a large corporation or they don’t use digital marketing methods such as email. The fact is, that nothing could be further from the truth because as we pointed out earlier in this article, “any” information you hold about an individual is classed as data.


Find out about your responsibilities concerning personal information

Our GDPR eBook goes into the details concerning how such data can be collected, stored, and used. It also explains who is allowed to access the personal information that your business holds and covers the increased rights of access that individuals now have concerning the details that your business holds about them.

The benefits of using our GDPR and other business eBooks

Unlike convention hard and paperback business books, our GDPR eBook won’t be collecting dust on the bookshelf in your office or study. Thanks to its digital format, you can download it directly to your computers desktop or the home screen of any mobile device ready for reference whenever you need it. Digital books are also secure and easily transfer to your other devices so you can access the GDPR eBook any time and in any location from your phone, tablet, or eReader.

Here at the Easy eBook Store, we are continually creating brand new and highly informative business books on a weekly basis. Visit our site now and subscribe to receive notifications about the kind of books you are interested in, including our regular special offers, promotions, and even free eBooks.

Get ready for the Big Event with Our World Cup 2018 eBook

Football fans the world over are gearing up for what looks set to be one of the most momentous and memorable football tournaments of the Century. Russia is set to host the World Cup for the first time in the history of the event. Our World Cup 2018 eBook is packed full of amazing facts, memorable events of the tournament from history, and an overview of what is to come.

A real clash of champions

From the 14th of June through till the final on 15th of July, the world is likely to be going football crazy as the long-awaited clash of the world’s leading teams take place. We are as passionate about your favourite sport as you are and that is why we have created this exciting eBook to guide you through the tournament including your very own world cup match tracker.

Everything you need to know about the World Cup

Our informative World Cup 2018 eBook also takes a look back at previous tournaments, the winners, losers, and what might have been. You can discover which teams show consistent promise and who the Mavericks have been in the past. From a full list of venues for each group to the kick-off times and information about the stadium itself, our World Cup eBook covers them all.

An informative and easy to read soccer eBook

Like all of our sports and leisure eBooks the World Cup 2018 eBook is laid out in an easy to read and understand format that will appeal to fans of all ages. This is one book that you will want to keep for the whole family to read and save it as a mark of the occasion. This eBook comes with images, facts and figures, and a full description of the stadium including its location and layout.

Included in our World Cup 2018 eBook is useful information about tickets, travel, and the other venues where games will be played. Our useful hints and tips on everything from budget to the essentials that every fan should pack for the trip are explained in plain language that virtually anyone who reads English can understand.

More than just a guide to the football

Even though we are as excited about the World Cup as you are we have also included useful information about things to do in Russia between games. From where to stay to buses, trains, and taxis, our World Cup 2018 eBook is literally brimming over with everything you need to make the occasion an enjoyable and memorable one.

Benefit from our research

Thanks to our extensive research and a wealth of information about the World cup in Russia, we have been able to provide pages of practical information that will help you take care of the details. From personal safety and the security of your possessions to the best places to go and things to see while you are there, our World Cup 2018 eBook covers them all.

Taking care of those all-important travel essentials

Unlike many European states, Russia isn’t so free and easy about allowing foreigners into the country and their border security is extremely stringent. In our World Cup 2018 eBook, we also cover the travel documents you need, where you are allowed to go, and how long visitors are allowed to stay in the country. Readers are able to learn what documentation they need to carry and which items should be kept safe too.

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Explore The Exciting World of Sports and Leisure Told Through eBooks

2018 FIFA Word Cup eBook

Football eBook

Alongside our outstanding advances in the areas of knowledge and technological advancement, there has also been a huge increase in human achievement in all areas of sports and leisure. From

 traditional sporting activities such as cricket and soccer to American football and

technology-enhanced cycling, they are all covered in a diverse range of easy to read sports eBooks. There is even an Easy eBook Store publication about the upcoming World Cup Football Tournament soon to be held in Russia.

eBooks that are informative and easy to read

Cricket eBook

Sports and leisure is a fascinating subject with a rich and diverse history of achievement in virtually every area of discipline from track and field to teams and individual sporting endeavours of every kind. Well written and carefully created books about sports that are formatted in an easy to understand and read style will open up this amazing world of sport and leisure to every enquiring mind. All of the eBooks at Easy eBook Store are written in a style that everyone from children to even adults learning English as a second language can understand.


Exploring the rich and diverse history of sports and leisure

American Football eBook

Virtually every sporting activity from football and cycling to cricket, tennis, and American Football has established a wealth of achievements in virtually every country around the globe. We rate our books about sports among the best sportsbooks that are available online today. From interesting facts to famous teams and individual players and athletes, every sports book has its own unique story to tell. Whether you are an avid football fan or just a curious reader who wants to gain a deeper understanding of a specific sport and its history, there is an ideal sportseBook for you.

An affordable sportsbook for readers of all abilities

Tennis eBook

Apart from providing the perfect reading and learning solution for enthusiastic readers of all abilities and spoken first languages, online books about sports are also more affordable than printed versions. This is due to the lack of production costs such as printing, paper, and also delivery costs. Digital (eBook) technology has been around for a while now and virtually every mobile device and PC has the facility to download and open the software that such books use.


The benefits of downloadable books about sports

Cycling eBookAlongside the obvious advantages that sportsebooks have in terms of affordability, they have other benefits too over their printed counterparts. There is no longer any need to store piles of dusty hard and paper backed books around our increasingly cluttered homes. Whole virtual libraries on cycling, tennis, or any other sport can be stored on flash drives and other digital storage devices that take up a micro-fraction of the room that one single paper book would use. The arguments for protecting the environment through choosing eBooks go almost without mention and modern digital storage systems mean that they can even be stored offline. This means that your sports eBooks will remain safe whatever happens to your mobile device or PC.

The other huge benefit of the sportseBooks at the Easy eBook Store is that they are written in a unique style that makes them accessible to every member of the family, learning facility, or other organisation that downloads them.

Here at the Easy eBook Store, we are creating brand new and exciting sports and leisure eBooks on a weekly basis. Visit our site now and subscribe to receive notifications about the kind of books you are interested in, including our regular special offers, promotions, and even free eBooks.    

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Why Do I Need to Read the Easy eBook Store Science and Nature Series?

If you have a natural curiosity about the world around us and your enquiring mind is thirsty to know how things in science and nature work, you need to take a look at our extensive list of eBooks. From science books online and the best nature books available, the Easy Volcanos eBOOKeBook Store has something for enquiring minds of all ages.

Exploring the fascinating world of science and nature

There are not many people that aren’t fascinated by the world in which we live and who also long to learn more about it. Reading informative, interesting, and well-written books or eBooks is one of the best ways to open up the wealth of available knowledge on the amazing topics of science and nature. The sum total of human knowledge is increasing at a rapid pace and this has created the need to access and digest the many new aspects and discoveries of science and nature quickly. Easy to understand eBooks are one of the most efficient ways of doing exactly that.

Making science simple

Tornadoes eBook

It is a fact of life that not everyone who has an interest in the world around us has the mind or IQ of a rocket scientist. Bearing that in mind, there is a real need for science books online that are easy to read and understand by anyone even if English is not their first language. From children to inquisitive adults, many people have a genuine thirst for knowledge but give up because they have difficulty in obtaining a nature eBook or science eBook that explains things in a simple and easy to understand way.

Finding the right science and nature eBooks

Whether you Space Discovery eBookare looking for science eBooks or a nature eBook concerning a specific subject, choosing one that provides the information in an easy to understand format is crucial. From children who are learning about science and nature for the first time to inquisitive adults, there really is a one size fits all solution. When readers choose from a reputable source such as the Easy eBook Store, they can be confident that every member of the family will benefit from such easy to understand books on what could otherwise be quite complex subjects.

Learning about Amazing and fascinating science and nature subject

Rivers eBook

Readers can learn about fascinating science and nature subjects that include how rivers are formed and how they work with the planet’s ecosystem. Gaze to the heavens and discover the amazing nature of outer space, the planets and even read about famous space journeys. There are also books that will take readers on a journey inside the human body to discover how muscles work and what the different organs in the body do.

From the often fearsome world of volcanoes and what causes them to erupt to how tornadoes are formed and why these fearsome products of nature can be so dangerous, all of these topics are covered.

The benefits of downloadable science and nature eBooks

Human Body eBookOne of the biggest benefits of eBooks is that you don’t have to wait for them to be delivered through the mail. This means that readers have instant access to the interesting and fascinating world of science and nature at the press of a button. Furthermore, because there is no paper, ink, or printing involved in the production of eBooks, they usually cost a lot less to create, deliver, and  purchase too.

Here at the Easy eBook Store, we are creating brand new and exciting science and nature books on a weekly basis. Visit our site now and subscribe to receive notifications about the kind of books you are interested in, including our regular special offers, promotions, and even free eBooks.    




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