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Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a website that offers hundreds of informative, interesting and easy eBooks that are easy to read and easy to learn all in one place?

The good news is that now you can at

A ‘One Stop’ Shop for Easy eBooks

Every eBook at EasyeBookstore is written by one of easyebookstore’s specialist team of in-house writers and researchers. All of the easy eBooks on the site are written in a way that gives the maximum information and interesting facts on hundreds of subjects in a clear and easy to understand way, which is ideal for non-native English speakers, young adults and for educators as a teaching resource.

What Are You Interested in Learning About?

At EasyeBookstore you can find a fantastic selection of easy eBooks that are easy to find as they are grouped into colour coded series’ of eBooks that can help you learn facts and information about hundreds of subjects including; sports and leisure, science and nature, famous people, health and fitness, food and drink, business and finance, computers and technology, hobbies and interests, animals, countries, history, religion, fashion and beauty, music, travel, myths and legends and so much more!


Take the Advanced eBook Challenge

For those who like a challenge or who are looking for more ‘in depth’ information why not try the advanced eBook section which offers a variety of eBooks on different subjects written in more depth than those in the easy eBooks section? These advanced eBooks are more challenging, give more details and use more advanced English words and language.


It’s So Easy!

The team at Easy eBook Store are dedicated to building a huge selection of easy eBooks at fantastically cheap prices to help you to learn and to grow, both in knowledge and in English language skills.

Visit EasyeBookstore now and get FREE registration and weekly email updates to find out about new easy eBook titles as they are uploaded to the site.

It really is that easy!

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