Learn Some Interesting facts from our Famous People eBook Series

No one would argue that there are many famous people who have shaped the world in which we live and our fascinating Famous People eBooks series contains some amazing details concerning such people. From political figures such as Barack Obama to an activist like Martin Luther King, our famous people eBook series reveals their career achievements, interesting facts about them, and details about their early lives.

A genuine fascination

For many people, the fascination with celebrities is much more than a curiosity about “how the other half lives” because such readers appreciate that we can learn so much from their lives and the values they cherish. Our celebrity books take the reader deeper into the lives of the subject while keeping the language easy to understand and jargon-free.

Easy to read and understand books

Though many of the achievements of these famous people centred on complex issues and difficulties, our famous people eBook series is presented in plain and easy to understand language. From the neat format and style of the text to the plain wording, we have created a series of new celebrity books that appeal to all ages and reading abilities even where English isn’t the first language.

New celebrity Books about scientist and movie makers

Our best celebrity books cover a diverse range of famous people from scientist such as Stephen Hawking to the world’s most prolific movie director Stephen Spielberg. Readers can discover how notable characters have overcome obstacles and personal adversity to make a real difference to the world. From great artistic achievements to pushing out the boundaries of human knowledge, our famous people eBook series helps you to discover how much these individuals have given.

Read about famous people both past and present

Our fascinating collection contains a varied and interesting selection of celebrity books to read about famous figures from both the present day and history. Readers are able to discover how the famous author J K Rowling rose from the depths of depression and a reliance on state hand-outs to become one of the most prolific children’s writers of our time. From charity work and early life battles to their current successes, readers of our famous people books will gain a fascinating insight into the life of these outstanding achievers.

Living life for the benefit of others

While some of the individuals outlined in our famous People eBoook series have made successful lives for themselves, they have all given something back to society and some have even made the ultimate sacrifice.

Readers of these interesting and highly informative books are able to get inside the lives and work of the individual to discover what motivated them to pursue their chosen life paths. Often, despite being presented with difficult circumstances and resistance, even from some of those they have sought to help, such individuals have attained the highest levels of success in their chosen field.

Celebrity books for readers of all ages

As with all of our Easy eBooks, the famous people series has been created in a format that makes them suitable for readers of any age from young children to curious adults. These books are ideal for learning both the subject matter and the English language and that makes them far more versatile than other mainstream books.

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If you have a suggestion for an eBook you would like to see on the site about a famous person we have not yet covered, then please contact us and we will do our best to add it to our extensive list of books to create in the near future!

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