A Guide To Becoming Vegan

As well as being a ‘trendy’ diet, the vegan diet has many health and ethical benefits. In our specially written eBook you can see what the diet includes and what it can do for you and your body as well as the benefit to animals and the planet.

Take a look at some mouth watering recipes and you could be on your way to a fabulous vegan diet.

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A vegan is somebody who makes the lifestyle choice of avoiding any products which are of animal origin in their diet. Often Vegans carry this ethos through to not wearing animal products either such as leather shoes or clothing which has involved an animal being killed to obtain it.
As there are a variety of forms that veganism can take sometimes you will find them referred to by a specific term such as dietary vegans, for those who avoid animal products just in their diet; those that are against the use of animals for any purpose and poor treatment of animals are often known as ethical vegans. There are also environmental vegans and these are people who adopt the vegan lifestyle because they are particularly opposed to intensive farming of animals because of the impact it has on the environment.

As a vegan the foods that you exclude from your diet will be any item that is derived from an animal and obviously the main part of that is the flesh of animals such as meat from cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, fish and shellfish. But by-products are also excluded so any form of dairy such as milk, butter, and cream and items like lard, suet and eggs.

Why Being Vegan Can Help You and The Environment

For some being vegan is about animals, the planet and the environment, for some it is a health choice, others are vegan because of both reasons. In this fantastic Easy eBook you can find out what being a vegan actually means, what the diet entails and its benefits, as well as some amazing and delicious recipe ideas.

With this informative eBook you can help make an informed decision about whether a new diet, or lifestyle, can help you become a healthier and more aware individual.

If you like what you read in this Easy eBook, why not take a look at our other books in the food and drink series.



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