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Learn about the driven president in our fantastic eBook. The start of Barack Obama’s career was spent in the field of law. He always held a passion for politics and after securing his position as Senator of Illinois, he became a driving force in the country’s  political arena. Read about how he rose to become the worlds most powerful man.

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Barack Obama made many headlines when he became the first African-American (black) to hold the post of President of the United States. During his time as President there were many things he did which reflected his background and he saw it as a chance to do more for the black communities of America as well as improve the lives of all Americans and especially those who were less able and poor.

Barack Obama showed an interest in Politics as a teenager mainly through deciding to do a degree in Political Science but also looking at the rights of people and helping work with various groups to get a voice for people who were disadvantaged and needed more help from the representatives of the United States. His work as a lawyer helping people with their civil rights led him to fully
consider taking a step into politics properly and in 1996 he put himself forward for the position of Senator in Illinois representing the area he lived in and was successful and kept the seat until 2005.

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This eBook about Barack Obama will help to people to see the extraordinary work of this lawyer and politician. A man whos vision of a united and equal America motivated him throughout his presidency . Inside our eBook you will also find information about his early life, his family life, his career, his 2 terms as president & you will also learn some interesting facts about him towards the end.


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