The British Monarchy (Advanced eBook)

Learn about key British Monarchs who have left their mark on the world and on history and find out what role the monarchy plays today. Find out about the current British Royal Family, the Windsor’s.

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The history of the British Monarchy commenced during Queen Anne’s reign when the Kingdom of England merged with the Kingdom of Scotland on the 1st May 1707 and Great Britain came into being although prior to the union of the two countries, her great grandfather, James I of England and James VI of Scotland had been king of the two countries while they were still separate states.books about British monarchy.
Throughout most of the first millennium AD the Power of the Monarch was pretty absolute. Apart from Alfred the Great’s efforts at inspiring a fairer legal system the first main legal document for arriving at such a system in England was Magna Carta. This was followed up with the Bill of Rights Act in 1689. Scotland saw a similar reform in the same year with the Claim of Right Act which also limited the rights of the monarch. Further reforms were enacted in Britain during the House of Hanover period. In particular reforms during Queen Victoria’s reign limited the rights of the monarch to “being consulted, advising and warning.” So, wrote the contemporary journalist, Walter Bagehot.

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The British Royal Family are loved throughout the Commonwealth and the world. In this in depth look at the British Monarch throughout the years you can find out how it started and evolved into how we know it today. Learn about some of the most influential and even eccentric monarch that have even been know. There are also interesting facts included in this Easy eBook.


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