Cyprus Dog Tails: Real Stray Dog Stories From The Voices Of the Animals

The heartwarming, true story about the rescue of 9 stray dogs in Cyprus


About The Author

Natalie Reed

Cyprus Dog Tails is cleverly written from the perspectives of these real life dogs, each having their own individual personality and story of hardship, prior to their happily ever after. All nine dogs were rescued individually by, and now enjoy a ‘forever’ home, living with the Author and her husband and as such the book includes full colour photographs of all the dogs, both separately and living together as a pack.

Animal lovers around the world will find the dog tales in this book heartwarming and humorous, yet at times also very sad. A thoroughly emotional and enjoyable read with the added benefit of having contributed to a fantastic cause by purchasing the book.

Meet the dogs from the book: A note from the dogs: Please take the time to write a review and share with others if you liked our stories. Don’t forget to visit our website to see pictures and videos of us all and to register for our monthly ‘pupdates’.

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