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Learn, enjoy and marvel at the wonder that is Greek Mythology. This specially written Easy eBook is a fantastic starting point to get involved in the most famous gods of them all, the Greeks. For thousands of years Greek Mythology has been practised, amazed and fascinated millions of people around the world. Find out about the main people in Greek Mythology and the good and the bad about them, as well as the history of this Ancient Greek legend.

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Greek mythology is made up of the stories that the ancient Greeks based their religion on. They believed that a family of Gods lived at the top of Mount Olympus in Greece. Over time, the stories that were passed down to each generation became more and more complex until those who eventually put them into writing were able to trace a kind of family history through time.

The ancient Greeks built temples and other places of worship to the many different Gods of mythology and their sculptors, artists, and mosaic makers created images of their Gods. Many well-documented rituals and practices were also created around the stories of these Gods and that is what forms the basis of the Greek mythology that we have today.

It is not surprising that these stories of Greek mythology also contain a great deal of philosophy because the Greeks are also famous for many of their brilliant thinkers, inventors, and writers of philosophy. A lot of the stories in Greek mythology focus on how the Gods involve themselves in the affairs of humans to suit their own purposes and how they used them to resolve disputes among the family of the Gods.

Why it’s Great to Learn About Greek Mythology?

Greek Mythology is one of the most interesting and exciting areas of history. Although now believed to be legend or even a myth, the Ancient Greeks firmly believed in the gods that are still known today. This Easy eBook will introduce you to Greek Mythology and take you on a journey looking at some of the most interesting and famous gods, the underworld and we will show you other information about this fascinating subject.

If you enjoy the details of this eBook you may also enjoy reading our other eBooks about Myths and Legends.



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