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Learn about the amazing J.K Rowling in our fantastic eBook. She is known firstly for her timeless and engaging Harry Potter book series and know Fantastic Beasts. Rowling has also written many books under an assumed name. Find out about her battles with depression and why she is committed to helping others.

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J.K Rowling is one of the most well-known authors around the world today and she is seen as an inspiration by many because of how her life is now, compared to how it used to be and how she went from ‘rags to riches’ and has worked her way to become the world’s first billionaire author and has been named as ‘The most influential woman in Britain.’ Not only is she an author but also a screenwriter and a producer after producing the final films of Harry Potter. She is also very renowned for her donations and charity work and in 2007 was runner-up person of the year because of the social, moral and political influences that she has.
In 1990, when Rowling was on a train journey from Manchester to her home in London, there was a four-hour delay. It was during this delay that Rowling had the idea of writing a story about a young boy who attended a school of wizardry and she wrote her initial ideas down on a napkin. As soon as she finally reached her home, she began to write.

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Written so children of all ages can learn about the author of their beloved Harry Potter, among others, J.K Rowling. Learn about her early life and struggles before the series found world wide fame and a place in history. Inside our eBook you will also learn how she has devoted her time now to helping various charities and what impact it has had. There is also some interesting facts about her at the end of the book.


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