Richard Branson

Learn all about one of Britain’s richest and most successful entrepreneurs, Richard Branson. Discover all about the man who launched Virgin and a number of amazing world record attempts.

Always one to push the boundaries his latest project, Virgin Galactic, is about making space travel available for all. As well as his businesses find out how he struggled with dyslexia throughout his life and overcome the hurdles that it possess.

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Richard Branson is one of the most famous people in the world. A billionaire businessman, he is very influential in many areas of public life. He has been responsible for technological breakthroughs which affect the daily lives of people all over the world.He is known as a risk taker who is never frightened to challenge himself and the establishment, whether that is in business, technology or government. During the course of his life and career he has had near fatal accidents and come close to bankruptcy.

Richard Branson founded Virgin Records in 1973. This was his third step into the music business. He started selling vinyl music records by mail order in 1970, funded by his profits from Student magazine. With this one visionary step, Branson paved the way for Amazon, eBay and all other mail order companies. He paid for advertising in music magazines and other media, offering people records they wanted and could not find locally. They placed their order with him, he sourced the record and sent it to them.

What You Can Learn About Richard Branson In Our Easy eBook

Richard Branson is a man who has captivated people the world over due to his drive, ambition, selflessness and his ability to become one of the richest men in the world even when suffering with dyslexia. Nothing has never been enough for him and he has strove to break new boundaries and world records in many different fields.

In this captivating eBook you can see how he did this with a journey through his early life and how he rose to the top with one of the most innovative companies ever. This company is still the foundation for companies such as Amazon today.

If you enjoy the details of this eBook you may also enjoy reading our other eBooks about Famous People.


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