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Learn about the fantastic Stephen Hawking’s in our fantastic eBook. The majority of Stephen Hawking’s career has been spent researching black holes (which is what he is most famous for) and space-time theories. He has written numerous papers and books with his theories (for which he has won awards) and has become a recognised expert on relativity and black holes.

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About The Author

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Stephen Hawking’s was a very famous, renowned and inspiring physicist that was born in Oxford on 8th January 1942. Due to his intense studies and theories he is considered to be one of the greatest physicists ever and has won numerous awards for his studies and findings.

Despite his very serious, life threatening medical condition and being given only 2 years to live at one point, Stephen refused to let this hinder or stop him and continued with his research and studies, writing many books and papers and influencing scientists all around the world.


What’s Inside Our Stephen Hawking’s eBook?

We’ve written this eBook about Stephen Hawking’s to educate people about the life and works of the late Stephen. He had an astonishing mind and didn’t let his debilitating illness to hinder his work and educational practices. Inside out eBook you will also find information about his early life, his family life, his career, his disease & you will also learn some interesting facts about him towards the end.


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