The Keto Diet

An interesting look at the Keto diet and how it can work for you. Learn about what is involved in this amazing diet and how much weight you can expect to lose. Written especially to inform and inspire about the benefits and side effects of one of the worlds most popular diets.

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A Keto diet, also known as the Ketogenic Diet, is a way of eating, where by one would limit their intake of carbohydrates and increase their consumption of fats in order to lose weight.
The body will produce ketones, these are little molecules of fuel which are made in the liver, they are released for energy in place of glucose or blood sugar, if need be.
Glucose is produced in your body along with insulin, this is usually used for energy when you consume carbohydrates, and the insulin helps the glucose to travel around your body.

The Keto diet has also been used for around a century to help maintain and control epilepsy; it is still sometimes used as a therapy for children’s uncontrolled epilepsy, which helps to avoid using too much medication, or helps if medications are not working.

What’s in our Easy eBook on the Keto Diet?

This revolutionary diet is proven to aid weight loss and help other medical conditions. In our special Easy eBook we will look at the what the diet actually is and how it works. We will give you some examples of what you can eat on the Keto diet and how much weight you should realistically expect to lose while taking part in it. You will find out the good and the bad about the diet and then make a decision about whether this amazing diet is right for you or your family.

If you enjoy the details of this eBook, then you may enjoy reading our other eBooks on health and fitness.


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