FIFA World Cup 2018 Special Edition Easy eBook

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This fantastic, special edition Easy eBook, will take you through the 2018 World Cup in Russia, step by step. The venues, cities, teams and more are all here waiting to be your ultimate football guide. Whether you are watching at home or travelling to Russia, this is a must have for any football fan.

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The FIFA World Cup is the greatest football competition on the planet. A lot of people would say it’s the best sport competition, full stop. Football is the national sport in many countries, and the World Cup is where some of these nations come to prove who’s best.
Since the first competition, in Uruguay in 1930, the World Cup has been a regular four-year cycle of anticipation. Getting through the qualifying rounds is an achievement itself. Teams from the old world and the new, across six continents, play out of their skins for national pride.
There are 12 venues hosting matches at Russia 2018. They are spread throughout the west and south of the country, avoiding the Arctic Circle and Siberia. This will no doubt be a relief to the majority of football supporters.

What’s in our World Cup 2018 Guide?

We have put together your complete guide to the 2018 World Cup. From the history of the competition, the nations taking part and the venues. We have also given you a guide to what to expect, what to see and what to pack for each location, if you are lucky enough to be a spectator at the greatest football competition on earth.

See a lowdown of the opening group games and some interesting facts about the World Cup and use our handy budget guide for when you are seeing the sights in the beautiful country of Russia.


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